About us
About us

Developed with the knowledge of pros

Over the years we worked with beauty professionals in 75 countries, doing over 10 million of brows. With our experience in the professional brow industry, we developed an easy 3 step brow routine that every brow enthusiast will love. All based on techniques of the pro’s.

The power of good brows

With our new eyebrow makeup collection, we want to give women at home the same power as our brow artists have. Symmetrical brows grab people's attention and make them look at people's faces. But brows do so much more: they underline your character, express what you feel, who you are.

We believe good brows can help women to look in the mirror with confidence because by highlighting your signature feature, you can admire the proud woman that is looking back.



Supercilium Professional

While working in a brow bar in Amsterdam, founder Manouk saw so many struggling with accepting their natural beauty. With crafting brows, she could bring confidence. To be able to reach more women, she started Supercilium: The one-stop-brow-shop for eyebrow professionals.

Supercilium Academy

To get the most out of our professional products, and to give everybody the opportunity to grow into a skilled brow artist, we developed Supercilium Academy: an online education platform with top-notch brow courses taught by the best beauty experts in the industry.