Our Supercilium Academy is for all aspiring Brow Artists that want to follow a training course. An academy for both passionate brow lovers and eyebrow professionals. By providing online eyebrow training courses, we make sure every passionate Brow Artist, anywhere in the world, can follow our courses and can get their certification. Although our products are easy to use, we believe education is key to turning every brow treatment into a happy and returning client. Brows on fleek at your service! In these courses you will learn how to work with our best-selling products:
- Brow Henna Starter Kit & Brow Henna Mini Kit
- Brow & Lash Lamination Kit
- Brow & Lash Dye Kit
- Brow Mapping Kit

Being a truly skilled Brow Master entails doing thousands of brows. So don’t be disappointed if the first brows don’t turn out as beautiful as you had envisioned. The beautiful brows you see online and on our social channels are made by Brow artists that really mastered the skill of creating flawless brows and are already doing it for years. They are the best in the beauty industry. So if you envision a new career as a Brow Artist, remember one thing: practice! Practice makes perfect. 

The best learning school is always an in-person training course, but to make sure we get close to the same sort of experience for our students, we worked with the best brow artists in the industry when developing these training courses. Our Brow Masters are essential to our Academy. They are beauticians that run the most successful salons, that are normally fully booked months ahead, and multi-award winners in brow competitions. The best in class have joined our beauty academy to learn you how to do brows. 

At our academy, students can learn from industry leaders. Every course is packed with practical tips and techniques on doing brows that you can implement in your salon right away. We provide the most extensive training courses in the brow industry, so you can master the art of doing brows. Join our academy, just like thousands of other students, and become a real professional in eyebrows, ready to rock your new career and start creating flawless brows!


To become a Brow artist, you have to start with the basics. By learning all the ins and outs of eyebrows, brow shaping, professional guidelines, safety, and how to satisfy your clients, we make sure you can rock any brow treatment you perform in the future. Since we think every brow artist should know this information, we provided this training course for free in our academy. Enroll in our class for free right away. 


Our by far most favorite brow treatment ever and most popular course in the academy. By tinting the eyebrows with henna you don’t only tint the eyebrow hairs, but also the skin underneath, resulting in strong well-defined eyebrows. Together with brow shaping, this gives you the perfect sharp and well-defined brows. In the course, we cover everything you need to get the best results with Brow Henna. We go over all the techniques, learn how to pick the right color, and safety rules, and guide you along the way on what to do in what situation. Follow all classes and make sure you become a real Brow Henna expert.


Our newest addition to our family: the Hybrid Dye. An easy-to-use Brow & Lash Dye that tints the hair and the skin. Can be used for brow tinting, and for lash tinting. Learn everything about this new brow & lash treatment. Truly a must-have for every brow stylist. We offer a free and certified course. In the extensive certified course, you will learn everything about mixing colors: a gamechanger if you want to upgrade your tailor-made brow tinting offering for every client. 


Feathery full eyebrows for the win. In our combined Brow & Lash Lamination course you will learn all the techniques to perform the perfect Brow Lamination and Lash Lift looks. Perfect for clients that desire a fuller, and thicker-looking brow. Since our Brow & Lash Lamination kit is a two-in-one kit, you only need one kit to perform both treatments that we teach in our course. Learn it from the best teachers and add this popular lash and eyebrow treatment to your salon after following these high-quality online classes. 


To create the right brow shape for every treatment, brow mapping is the way to go. It’s, therefore, an essential course in our academy. It’s basically a step-by-step approach to creating the perfect eyebrow shape. Especially for students that just begin with doing brows, brow mapping can give you the extra confidence and guidance to create the perfect brow shape for your client. We learn you all the techniques to brow map in only a few minutes. In the courses, we used pre-inked brow mapping string and brow paste


How to get certified for eyebrow courses? 

By following and finishing our Premium online courses you get certification and are ready to become a real Brow Master and eyebrow professional. After you successfully completed the course you will receive your handwritten and signed certificate at your salon. Currently, we offer the following courses with certification: 
    1.    Brow Henna Premium Certified course
    2.    Brow & Lash Lamination Premium Certified course
    3.    Brow Mapping Premium Certified course 
    4. Hybrid Dye Premium Certified course

Why are your prices for the lash and brows training courses so low?

At Supercilium we believe education should be available to everybody. No matter where you live. By offering them for such a low price, no payment plan is needed. Everybody can start building their dream career and can start doing brows right away. If you ask us, the most beautiful profession in the world. 

Where can I learn to do brows in a brow course? 

At Supercilium Academy we offer two types of eyebrow training courses for our students: in-person brows training courses and online brow courses. Via this link, you can find a trainer nearby for in-person. Follow a half-day or full-day training with our beloved trainers to practice all your newly learned brow skills while a professional can give you feedback right away to perfect the outcome of your brow treatment. During the training, you will receive a training kit that contains a starter kit, booklet, and extra Supercilium goodies. Although we love our online courses, nothing can beat in-person training. 

Scroll to the top of this page to find all our online brow courses. Perfect for people that want to follow a course at their own pace. You will get lifetime access, so no rush to finish your course. Whatever course you choose in our beauty academy, all brow courses are taught by real Brow Masters: the best professionals in the beauty industry that teach you all techniques needed. Experienced trainers that know what is needed to create to most perfect brows. Our beauty academy is here to help you take the next step in your beauty career. 

What are the different brows training courses?

At Supercilium Academy we offer the following brow courses: 

  1. Brow Basics course
  2. Free Brow Henna course
  3. Brow Henna Premium Certified course
  4. Free Brow Lamination course
  5. Brow & Lash Lamination Premium Certified course
  6. Brow Mapping Premium Certified course
  7. Free Hybrid Dye course
  8. Hybrid Dye Premium Certified course

Enroll in our free courses, or get certification in our Premium brow courses in our Supercilium Academy and learn to do brows right away!

Do you need a certificate for brow styling?

It varies per country if you need an official accredited brow course to perform brow styling treatments. However, we always recommend doing a certified course, since it will look more professional to your clients if you can show them certification. It’s just extra proof that you master all the techniques.