Certified Airbrush Brows Course

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Learn all the ins and outs to nail the Airbrush Brows trend. Taught by Dutch Brow Masters Elisa and Jenniree. You will get step-by-step, technical information and all the practical know-how to work with the Airbrush Machine. Learn to create this super smooth, crisp, and beautiful ombre viral brow look. 

What you will learn:

  • Mastering the Airbrush Hybrid Brows trend
  • Step-by-step instructions for Airbrush application
  • Technical Information on Airbrush Machine
  • Practical know-how for effective brow work
  • Creating super smooth and crisp ombre brow looks
  • Troubleshooting common issues with Airbrush technique
  • Pro Tips from Brow Pro’s Elisa & Jenniree. 
  • BONUS: Business tips to boost your salon

With digital certificate

3h training

+ €50 extra bonuses

Course Curriculum

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

- Introduction
- Why this Airbrush course is perfect for you
- Meet your trainers
- Staying ahead in the brow game
- Brow Basics
- Certification & Community Learning

CHAPTER 2: Airbrush Brows: The Basics

- The Brow Trend of 2024: Airbrush Brows
- What is the Airbrush technique?
- Why is this technique so great for the brow industry?
- How does the airbrush technique work?
- Pressure settings explained

CHAPTER 3: Airbrush brows & Liquid Dye

- Introduction
- Why does the airbrush work so well with Liquid Dye?
- Longevity of Airbrush Brows with Liquid Dye
- The Benefits of Liquid Dye with Keratin
- The Power of Keratin
- Color theory of Liquid Dye

CHAPTER 4: Safety & Aftercare

- Safety Guidelines
- PPD Allergy
- VIDEO: How to do a Patch-Test
- Aftercare

CHAPTER 5: Taking care of your Airbrush baby

- Introduction
- VIDEO: Assembly and Disassembly the SC Airbrush Machine
- VIDEO: The In-between-Cleanse
- VIDEO: End-of-Day Deep Cleanse

CHAPTER 6: Working with the Airbrush Machine

- Introduction
- VIDEO: Get to know the pressure & saturation
- VIDEO: How to create your airbrush dye mixture
- How to hold your airbrush machine to get the best outcome

CHAPTER 7: Pro Tips by your Brow Masters

- Pro Tips by Jenniree
- Pro Tips by Elisa

CHAPTER 8: The Airbrush application process

- Introduction
- VIDEO: Step 1 - Cleanse the brows
- VIDEO: Step 2 - Map the brows & Protect the skin
- VIDEO: Step 3 - Airbrush the brows
- VIDEO: Step 4 - Clean & Care
- VIDEO: Step 5 - Shape the brows
- VIDEO: Step 6 - Make the brows pop
- VIDEO: Full step-by-step Airbrush process

CHAPTER 9: Troubleshooting and FAQ

#1 VIDEO: The most common problems
#2 The dye doesn't stain the skin
#3 The brows look too bold
#4 My client has oily skin
#5 The brows turned out too dark
#6 The brows turned out too light
#7 Allergic reaction
#8 Uneven color distribution
#9 The fronts are too dark/no ombré effect
#10 Undesired colors
#11 The area around the brows is stained

CHAPTER 10: Supercilium Range
BONUS CHAPTER 11: Boost your business

- Discover the full Supercilium Collection
- Introduction
- Upselling: Grow your Salon Revenue with 20-50%
- Manouk's 6 Business Tips

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