Basic Hybrid Dye Course

All you need to get started with Brow & Lash Dye


Enroll now in our Basic Brow & Lash Dye online course and learn everything about the newest Supercilium Hybrid Dye treatment. We will provide you with in-depth knowledge as well as the practical side of the treatment.  With this online course, you will become a Hybrid Dye expert in no time!

The Brow & Lash Dye is the newest Supercilium treatment that can dye the brows & Lashes and also stains the skin underneath the brows. The Brow & Lash Dye provides a more rich and bright effect than regular dye. For lashes it will give more dramatic results than regular eyelash tinting. The Hybrid dye stains the skin up to 9 days* depending on skin cell turnover and the hairs for up to 7 weeks.

  • How-to videos
  • Theory & practical info
  • Quiz to test your learning

Do you want to get certified and learn more about how to mix the perfect color for your customers? Upgrade to our extended Premium Certified Hybrid Dye Course

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Offer your clients the best of both worlds by doing this course: a treatment between tint and henna that you can also use on lashes.

Our courses are taught by highly skilled and passionate professionals with years of experience in the industry.

With how-to videos you will learn how to perform the new treatment in no time.

Get certified by upgrading to our Certified Hybrid Dye Course

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Getting started 

1.1 VIDEO: Introduction: Welcome to the Hybrid Dye course!
1.2 What to expect from this course & who you are
1.3 Your teachers
1.4 Brow & Lash Dye learning goals
1.5 Community learning
1.6 Get social

Chapter 2: Let’s talk Hybrid Dye

2.1 Introduction
2.2 What is Hybrid Dye?
2.3 Hybrid Dye vs regular dye vs Brow henna 
2.4 Main benefits of Supercilium Brow & Lash Dye
2.5 Test your learning

Chapter 3: The Supercilium Brow & Lash Dye range

3.1 Introduction
3.2 VIDEO: The Supercilium Philosophy by Supercilium Founder Manouk
3.3 Supercilium Brow & Lash Dye colors
3.4 The Supercilium Brow & Lash Dye Starter Kit
3.5 Brow Care
3.6 Brow Tools
3.7 Test your learning

Chapter 4: Skin and hair types

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Different skin types 
4.3 VIDEO: Skin tone & undertones
4.4 Hair and brow types
4.5 How to choose the right color
4.6 Test your learning

Chapter 5: Safety instructions

5.1 Introduction
5.2 VIDEO: Patch Testing
5.3 How to work safely 
5.4 PPD allergy
5.5 Test your learning

Chapter 6: Hybrid Dye application steps

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Processing times
6.3: VIDEO: Step-by-step Hybrid Brow Dye application
6.4: VIDEO: Step-by-step Hybrid Lash Dye application
6.5 Test your learning

Chapter 7: Aftercare and tips for clients 

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Aftercare advice 
7.3 Test your learning


Full chapters are only available in the Certified Hybrid Dye course: 
8) How to reach the right consistency
9) Mix & match colors
10) Combining Brow Lamination or Lash Lifting with Hybrid Dye
11) Troubleshooting
12) Case study chapter
13) Tips from the pro’s

Chapter 14: Recap

14.1 Recap of all previous chapters
14.2 A big thank you from our team!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Very educational


Supercilium is the best

Lellybeth Pastrana

No me deja acceder a ningún curso. Te ponen las descripciones pero no el video .

Julia Harris
Great Free Course!

The Basic Hybrid Dye Course is free but packs a good amount of information. It definitely leaves you wanting to learn more so that you as a brow artist can be set up for success!! I'm excited to sign up for the paid course to learn more information and create beautiful brows for my clients.

Christine Loritz

Very excited to start this new product line and love that education is offered!

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