Browgasm course

Learn everything about Face Yoga & Brow Pinching


Learn how to upsell your brow treatments with BROWGASM! Taught by Manouk de Vries and Koko Hayashi, Face Yoga expert.BROWGASM is an upper face massage that combines Face Yoga, Face Shiatsu, and deep tissue massage techniques.

A revolutionary treatment in the beauty industry to remove stress from the eyebrow area to sculpt and release the tension in the brow area before treatment, resulting botox-like effect for your clients. Without the needles and chemicals. 

With certificate

4 hours of training

Taught by Face Yoga expert Koko Hayashi


Upsell your clients with a extra Brow Pinching treatment.

Taught by Face Yoga expert Koko Hayashi

Create a botox-like effect for your clients without the chemicals and needles.

Receive a certificate after your completion.

Course Curriculum

CHAPTER 1: Welcome to our Browgasm course

1.1 Course Overview
1.2 A Message From Your Instructors!

CHAPTER 2: Why Browgasm?

2.1 Client Benefits
2.2 Beautician Benefits
2.3 Theoretical Backgrounds
2.4 Facial Muscles Affected

CHAPTER 3: Browgasm In Your Salon

3.1 Overview: Browgasm in your Salon
3.2 Setting Up Your Treatment Area
3.3 Warnings and Contraindications

CHAPTER 4: Consulting With Your Client

4.1 Overview: Consulting with your Client
4.2 The Importance of Client Consultation
4.3 The 3 Steps of Consultation
4.4 How to Create a Treatment Plan
4.5 The Treatment Plan

CHAPTER 5: Face Yoga Techniques

5.1 Fix Asymmetrical Eyebrows
5.2 Lift Saggy Brows
5.3 Forehead Line Eraser
5.4 Iron out the 11th Wrinkle
5.5 Puffy Eye Reducer
5.6 BONUS LESSON: Applying Eye Lotion
5.7 Iron Out the Crows Feet

CHAPTER 6:Muscle Knots and Fascia

6.1 Overview: Muscle Knots and Fascia
6.2 The Importance of the Muscle Knot and Fascia
6.3 The Muscle Knot
6.4 Fascia Release
6.5 How To Break Through the Muscle Knot and Fascia Release

CHAPTER 7: The Browgasm Massage

7.1 Overview: The Browgasm Massage
7.2 Introduction To The Massage
7.3 The Client Experience
7.4 The Massage: Step by Step
7.5 The Massage: Taught by Koko
7.6 Browgasm Recap

CHAPTER 8:Before & After Results


8.1 Before and After

CHAPTER 9: Recap

9.1 A Recap of the Course
9.2 Test Your Knowledge!

CHAPTER 10: Learning Materials

10.1 Browgasm Manual
10.2 Consultation Form
10.3 Your Certificate


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing course!

Love this! Amazing course and very good service to my clients!

Charlene Garcia
Love it!

This Browgasm Course was fantastic! Extremely detailed and thorough. I learned so much and feel very confident that I will be able to provide this amazing service to my clients.

Happy to hear it .Thank you so much for this beautiful review

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